gridCake & gridCamp: Making the Grid easier


The Grid has shown to be a valuable technology for researchers. However, its frontends are usually designed for users with high computational skills and they aren’t very user-friendly. This fact typically causes contempt to final users, because they want to focus their efforts on their researches, skipping concepts not related with their studies. Also, the tools to make software that can interact with Grid services are complex, generally poorly documented and sometimes they don’t support latest Grid middleware versions. This makes very difficult to develop new user interfaces for Grid services friendlier than the existing ones. This work will deal about the problems with existing Grid user inter- faces and development tools, and it will describe the development of a very easy to use Java Grid library called gridCake, and a Grid web portal called gridCamp built with gridCake, which mixes Grid functionalities with social network features.


  • César Suárez Ortega
  • Francisco Prieto Castrillo
  • José Miguel Franco Valiente

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EGI Community Forum 2013. Proceedings of Science (EGICF12-EMITC2) 054

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