ALOE platform: An overview of a service-oriented architecture for research in breast cancer diagnosis supported by e-infrastructures


This article presents an overview of the ALOE platform. ALOE provides a service-oriented architecture aimed at the research in the early detection of breast cancer diagnosis. The development of the ALOE platform is carried out by collaboration among CETA-CIEMAT, INEGI, FMUP-HSJ and UA. ALOE supports two research lines in breast cancer diagnosis: the development of well-performing Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems and the development of new tools based on e-Learning techniques to improve radiologists training. All ALOE modules are designed to work as a whole system but can be used individually in other systems and expose RESTful interfaces to be exploited by third party systems. ALOE components make use of e-Infrastructure resources to accomplish their tasks. The final objective of this work is to provide a reference platform for researchers, specialists, and students in breast cancer diagnosis.


  • José Miguel Franco Valiente
  • César Suárez Ortega
  • Miguel Ángel Guevara López
  • Frederico Valente
  • Naimy González de Posada
  • Joana Loureiro

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8th IBERGRID Infrastructure Conference, At Aveiro (Portugal), Volume: 1

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